2019. December 6. Friday
Miklós, Döniz
Mikulás napja

The successes of the fruitful aging research in Brussels

The Nagykanizsa based aging research, which started last year and aimed to measure the life quality, well-being and habits in leisure activities of older people in Nagykanizsa, is coming to an end. As part of the cooperation agreement between Nagykanizsa County Town’s local government and elderly council, Matralab research center and Pannon University’s Nagykanizsa Campus a total of 1000 questionnaires have been filled out and 20 interviews have been conducted with the local influencers and leaders of elderly life.

VI. Our meeting friends were arranged by our friends in Bajos, where we also invited the "Gyöngyvirág" dance group.

On 3 August, the Zala County Pensioners' Advocacy Organization traveled to Slovenia with its members.

In Cserkész-Kulturális napok the Csendes Tavern of the Hungarian Retirement Club was present at Cserkeszõlõ in Kunst.

On the last day of the city's day celebration, the honorary title founded by the Elderly Council was delivered.

The 21st of July, 2017, on the 21st of July 2017, the Grandmother of the Nagykanizsa MJVÖ welcomed the most excellent young people of the city, the high school graduates.



On June 20, 2017, a meeting of the National Elderly Council was held in Budapest and the "Elderly Good Practices" conference was held.